John Otway & The Big Band: Live

The Wimp and the Wild

A recording of Otway's 2000th gig at The Astoria in London.

All tracks recorded live at the Astoria on November 12th 1993 apart from track 8 which was recorded at The Square in Harlow. Produced by Richard Holgarth.


  1. In Dreams
  2. Misty Mountain
  3. Cor Baby That's Really Free
  4. Bluey Green
  5. Racing Cars (Jet Spotter of the Track)
  6. Beware of the Flowers (Cos I'm Sure They're Going to Get You, Yeh)
  7. Josephine
  8. Louisa On A Horse
  9. Baby It's The Real Thing
  10. Two Little Boys
  11. Best Dream
  12. Frightened & Scared
  13. Cheryl's Going Home
  14. House of the Rising Sun
  15. Geneve


  • John Otway
  • Adam Batterbee
  • Murray Torkildsen
  • Seymour
  • Richard Holgarth