Bunsen Burner

Bunsen Burner

In 2002, following the release of the hit single of the same name, an album was put together featuring all the tracks from the three separate mixes, the live at the Abbey Road sessions and the voting CD.


  1. I'm Cured
  2. Rumpelstiltskin
  3. Pauline
  4. We Know What She's Doing
  5. My American Friend
  6. Crazy Horses
  7. Bunsen Burner
  8. A413 Revisited
  9. Attractive to You
  10. UR Breaking Up
  11. Deep Blue Water
  12. Bunsen Burner vs Burning Love
  13. House of the Rising Sun


  • John Otway
  • Adam Batterbee
  • Seymour
  • Murray Torkildsen
  • Richard Holgarth
  • Barry Upton