Single: Bunsen Burner

Bunsen Burner

It was now 2002 and Otway was coming up to his 50th birthday. His ever loyal fans had asked him what he would like for this most auspicious of occasions. Otway had just one answer - another hit. Despite the best attempts by the music industry to prevent Otway from achieving his dream, an orchestrated campaign with the fans - who not only chose the single via a ballot, but also appeared on the single's B-Side - Otway's unique take on House of the Rising Sun - Bunsen Burner charted at number 9. Against all the odds, it was Otway's biggest hit and 25 years after his first appearance, Otway was now back on Top of the Pops.


  1. Bunsen Burner
  2. House of the Rising Sun (Live at Abbey Road)
  3. A$13 Revisited

Bunsen Burner - CD 2


  1. Bunsen Burner (Even Hotter Mix)
  2. Attractive To You
  3. U R Breaking Up

Bunsen Burner - CD 3


  1. Bunsen Burner (It's Not a Mix, It's a Compound)
  2. Deep Blue Water
  3. Bunsen Burner vs Burning Love