Cheryl: A Rock Opera

The Wimp and the Wild

In 1991, Otway teamed up with punk-poet Attila the Stockbroker to produce their very own Rock Opera.

Based around the Bob Lind song which Otway had been performing for many years, the Rock Opera debuted at that year's Edinburgh Festival and proved to be highly popular with audiences.

Recorded at A∓R Studios in Edinburgh and produced by Richard Holgarth, Cheryl: A Rock Opera was an everyday tale of Satanism, trainspotting, drug abuse and unrequited love.


  1. Overture
  2. A Wembley Central Encounter
  3. The Sensitivity of the Broken Hearted
  4. The Sympathetic Response
  5. Cheryl
  6. The Penny Drops
  7. Our Room
  8. Cheryl's Decline
  9. A More Romantic View
  10. Cheryl's Going Home
  11. She's Gone! But Who's This?
  12. Boys in the Hood (Trainspotter Rap)
  13. A Misunderstanding
  14. A Solitary Tune
  15. Train Information
  16. The Starlight Express
  17. The Unsympathetic Response
  18. Finale
  19. Overture Reprise
  20. The Last Word


  • John Otway
  • Attila the Stockbroker - Violin
  • Sarah Ross - Backing Vocals
  • Marco Gio Leone - Drums, Engineer
  • Simon Lomond - Drums
  • Richard Holgarth - Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Producer
  • Nick - Saxophone

Dramatis Personae

  • The Narrator - a Worldly Cynic
  • Cheryl - a Successful Career Woman, about to embark on a Journey
  • Billy - a Goat
  • MC Trainspotter, Nice-T and the Platform 2 Live Crew - a Rapping Posse
  • The 10:30 to Slough - a rare Class 23 with Extra Luggage Space