Deep & Meaningless

Deep And Meaningless

The second album was released on Polydor in 1978 and features the b-side to the duo's only UK hit to date. Beware of the Flowers ('Cos I'm Sure They're Going to Get You, Yeh) would later be voted the nation's seventh favourite lyric of all-time in a 1999 BBC poll.

Produced by Wild Willy Barrett, the album also includes live favourites The Alamo (written by Jane Bowers and previously recorded by artists such as The Kingston Trio, Johnny Cash, and Donovan), Josephine and Oh My Body is Making Me.

Described by both Otway and Barrett as the "difficult second album", Deep & Meaningless is just 32 minutes long and comprised of songs that didn't quite make the cut on the first album John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett.


  1. Place Farm Way
  2. To Anne
  3. Bweare of the Flowers ('Cos I'm Sure They're Going to Get You, Yeh)
  4. The Alamo
  5. Oh My Body Is Making Me
  6. Josephine
  7. Schnott
  8. Medley: (i) Riders in the Sky (ii) Running From The Law (iii) Riders in the Sky
  9. I Wouldn;t Wish It On You
  10. Can't Complain


  • John Otway
  • Wild Willy Barrett
  • Dave Holmes
  • Maggie Ryder
  • Mark Freeman
  • Nigel Pegrum
  • Simon Hansen
  • Yvonne Grech