Single: DK 50/80

DK 50/80

By now, Polydor and Otway had realised that in order to get another hit, they would need to take drastic action and somehow try to hype the charts. In the early 1980s, only a few shops counted towards the chart sample and although they were meant to be known only to the chart company, the record labels knew where they were.
Polydor and Otway decided to do a one week tour of towns where they knew the shops were. Cleverly, knowing that the live show was still bringing in good numbers, it was decided that you were only allowed to come and see the gig (for free) if you had purchased a copy of the single. The trick almost worked, with DK 50/80 at number 45 in the charts, Otway and Barrett were set for their second appearance on Top of the Pops. Sadly for the duo, the Musician's Union called a strike the week they were due to appear on the music programme thus denying them the exposure and increased sales that would have followed. A potential hit, was agonisingly another flop.


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