Single: Frightened & Scared

Frightened and Scared

It was now 1979 and with only one hit and several flops already to his name, Otway began to get desperate. One thing he did not want to be was a one-hit wonder, but with each passing flop that dreaded moniker was getting perilously close to reality. With this in mind, Otway and Polydor decided to get creative. Three pressings of this single would feature the track but without Otway's vocals. If anyone should find one of the "golden" copies, Otway would come round to their house, stand between the speakers and perform the vocals live. In theory, it was a great idea and possibly would have worked but for one small problem... Although fans loved the live show, they did not necessarily want the chaos of an Otway performance in their own home. The single was yet another flop - a word becoming increasingly familiar to Otway.


  1. Frightened & Scared
  2. Are You On My Side?