Single: Geneve


After the success of Really Free, Polydor thought they had a uncovered a star of huge potential. Wild Willy Barrett was working on the new album and everything looked set for the pair to make a massive impact with their follow up single. Unfortunately, Otway decided he wanted to impress a girl he fancied and released a solo version of Geneve complete with the backing of a 100-piece orchestra. The new star of the punk movement, had produced a single that could not be more middle of the road if he tried. Wild Willy Barrett found out whilst driving to a gig in Manchester and the relationship between the pair deterriorated dramatically. Unsurprisingly the single did not appeal to Otway's new found fanbase and Geneve, despite being arguably the best song he has written and becoming a live favourite, was a flop.


  1. Geneve
  2. It's a Long Time Since I Heard Homestead on the Farm