Single: Headbutts


In October 1981, Otway re-united once again with Wild Willy Barrett. This time, Willy was armed with the knowledge of how to get a second hit (or was it just plain simple revenge)?
Willy had worked out that their first hit came on the back of Otway hurting himself on live television and figured the only way to ensure that Otway could repeat this was by writing a song that involved his associate headbutting the microphone repeatedly throughout. In order to get the timing of the headbutts right, Willy would be in charge of administering the required movement with appropriate force. As a live performance it was quite spectacular and brutal with Otway often coming away with blood dripping from his forehead, as a record however, it didn't quite have the same appeal.


  1. Headbutts
  2. Headbutts (Live)