Single: In Dreams

In Dreams

The Stiff years had been tough on Otway, and inevitably, after a succession of flops, Otway found himself once more without a label. Fortunately for Otway his manager and drummer Maurice Bacon had set up his own label and agreed to release the next Otway single whilst the search for a new label willing to back the star continued. His ever loyal fans were still turning up to see the live show, but Otway's ability to pick a flop didn't desert him here (despite the inclusion of Otway's cover of Bachmann Turner Overdrive's You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - a song where the live performance sees Otway risk life and limb by jumping off the top of ladders and roadies had to have their wits about them as Otway threw his guitar at them).


  1. In Dreams
  2. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet