Single: The New Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem

It was now November 1986 and three years since Middle of Winter had been released. The ever resourceful Otway though had not been idle. Knowing that a major record label was unlikely to be willing to lose money and sign him, he decided that he would in fact sign the label instead. Having pressed the single, Otway then got a printer to print off his very own WEA Records stickers, draw up a contract and then send copies of the completed single to WEA. On it's own, this would not have been enough, but Otway also sent copies to Radio One, Capital Radio and all the other major radio stations in the UK complete with a press release saying that he had in fact signed WEA for a small sum of money. The radio stations loved the joke, WEA weren't so enthused, but didn't want to be appear to be party poopers so instead of saying no, agreed to release the single and lose money on an Otway record. The single may not have been a hit, but the stunt certainly gave Otway plenty of publicity.


  1. The New Jerusalem
  2. The Tyger