Single: Last of the Mohicans

Last of the Mohicans

After the WEA stunt, Otway found himself in a position where no major record label would come anywhere near him and so for his eighteenth single he found himself back on a small independent label. He also found himself once again re-united with his old partner Wild Willy Barrett. Last of the Mohicans was a homage to the punks who had given him his one and only hit back in 1977, but this was now 1987 and punk was all but a fading memory, New Wave had been replaced by New Romantics and they in turn had given way to the start of the underground dance culture. There were still pockets of resistance to the new sounds coming out of clubs with Manchester at the forefront but sadly not enough to give Otway a second hit. Otway was well and truly in the "one-hit wonder" category.


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