John Otway

On Sunday 1st May, we shall be launching the Kickstarter campaign. We're putting together what we think will be some very unique and very desirable rewards.

If we reach our goal of £10,000 then the album will be recorded in the Essex town of Harlow. But why stop there? If we reach £20,000 then we will be heading to the beautiful Caribbean island of Montserrat. If we get to £30,000 then we will be able to have grammy award-winning producer Chris Birkitt to produce the album.

Thanks to Whispering Bob Harris for providing the voiceover.

The decision is yours, listen to what Donald Romeo, Premier of Montserrat has to say about the project and what it would mean for an international rock and movie star to once more record on the island.

If you would like details on how you can join us in Montserrat, please Email us.

The view from the studio in Montserrat

The view from the studio in Harlow
John Otway