Record Store Day

John Otway

For Record Store Day this year there is Special edition of the John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett eponymous debut album.

This Double LP collection contains a re-press from the original Master Tape of the 1977 edition and a new direct to disc recording of the same tracks.

There is nothing digital about this amazing analogue achievement

The first LP from 1977 was cut directly from the 1/4 inch original master tape.

Willy did not think this was possible because he thought he had lost the tape years ago and had not realised that Otway had stolen it from him just before they split up in 1978 .

The other LP of this double album set was recorded direct to disc in 2018. No hard drive or tape were involved just straight from the microphones to the needle of the cutting lathe.

Willy did not think this was possible because it meant the all the songs had to be played for each side without stopping.

Willy had worked with Otway for long enough to realise that, although he felt confident he could change instruments between almost every song in the few seconds gap between each track, He did not feel that Otway (who only had the one instrument, would be able to a) play the correct chords b) sing the correct words c) hit the right notes or d) remember the order the songs came in.

And they would get just one go at it.

Was Willy right? We will soon know as The results of this match will be released on record store day Saturday April 13th.

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And if you would like a copy of this limited edition vinyl the "stores" link on the site will point you to somewhere you can pre-order this masterpiece.