Where Did I Go Right?

Where Did I Go Right?

After a falling out, Otway & Barrett went their separate ways with both recording solo albums for Polydor in 1979.

This album was produced by Neil Innes - collaborator with Monty Python and the main songwriter behind The Rutles. It features live favourite Best Dream and Otway's epic take on Aldred Noyes' The Highwayman .

Recorded at Chappell Studios in early 1979 most of the tracks were salvaged from an aborted attempt to record an album in August/September 1978 at Mountain Studios. Whilst Polydor tried to push it as Otway's 'best work to date' it failed to live up to expectation and divided opinion.


  1. Makes Good Music
  2. It's A Pain
  3. Blue Eyes of the Belle
  4. Best Dream
  5. What a Woman
  6. Frightened & Scared
  7. Wating (Wating for You)
  8. Hurting Her More
  9. The Highwayman


  • John Otway
  • Maggie Ryder - Backing Vocals
  • Charlie Morgan - Drums
  • Paul Martinez - Bass
  • Julian Smedley - Fiddle
  • Ollie Halsall - Guitar
  • Morgan Fisher - Keyboards
  • Steve James - Engineer
  • Nick Thomas - Assistant Engineer
  • Neil Innes - Producer
  • Steve James - Producer